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Become a Jim’s trees franchisor

Regional Franchisers are the driving force at Jim’s Trees. They are responsible for recruiting, training and supporting Franchisees, which includes finding them work, and providing practical and moral support. They are often ‘hands on’ – usually operating a franchise themselves while building their team of Franchisees.

The majority of Franchisers are successful Jim’s Franchisees, though not always from the same division for which they are granted the Regional Franchise. Some have been recruited from outside, usually with industry experience relevant to the division.

Franchisers must provide leadership and a strong example of good work ethics, while recognizing that Franchisees are customers and not subordinates. It is a demanding role that combines practical ability with a high level of personal and business management skills. The primary focus of a successful Franchiser must be on helping their Franchisees to succeed.

Most Regional Franchisers have done well, finding a business that combines financial rewards with lifestyle and personal satisfaction. We strongly advise anyone interested to talk to current Franchisers; a list can be found on this site for your convenience.

Franchisers generate income in a number of ways

  1. Running a franchise of their own, either hands-on, or on a project basis, managing a number of staff and vehicles
  2. Franchise sales (franchisers keep 80% of new franchise sales within the region)
  3. Franchise fees (ongoing monthly franchise fees, paid by the franchisees to the franchiser)

The primary focus of a Franchiser is helping other people to succeed. Our surveys show that Franchisers of fast-growing regions are frequently in contact with their Franchisees, responding quickly to calls and phoning each Franchisee at least once a month. They are also expected to hold regular meetings and conduct business reviews.

Franchisers will be expected to have a first-rate employment or business history, a commitment to customer service, and an obvious passion for enabling their people to succeed. There is a detailed and lengthy selection process, involving interviews and attending our five-day induction course before the final decision is made.

If this opportunity interests you, please download the Franchiser kit. You can also contact us through email or call us.