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Jim’s arborist service

tree arborist

We provide a detailed arborist service and reports that help you continue with your landscaping, construction or development plans. We offer these services as a way to help out our communities and encourage growth and progress in the areas we live.

Why Do You Need a Tree Report?

Many landscaping and construction jobs involve the cutting down of trees or involve buildings being built near to trees. Your local council will require that a professional tree assessment and report be made before you can continue with your project.

The council will want to know some vital information about the trees and how your project will interfere with them. They need to know if the trees are protected or endangered, if they are in poor condition and will cause damage to your structure or injuries to people, and if they can safely be removed.

All of this can be determined by a tree report from our expert tree arborists. With our years of training and experience, we know how to spot flaws in trees, how to determine if trees are suitable for removal and if the trees pose any dangers to people or property. Our reports are necessary to complete your construction, land-clearing or expansion plans. We will work with you to ensure the proper paperwork is filed with the council and that your plans can continue without delay.

We provide comprehensive report and assessment services. We can perform the following for you:

  • Provide a detailed assessment of tree health and integrity
  • Offer witness statements for court documents
  • Determine the value of your trees
  • Provide professional advice on how to treat and care for your trees
  • Investigate root systems and determine if they are causing any structural or property damages
  • Offer professional consultations for construction plans, expansions and landscaping endeavours
  • Preserve and protect your trees from natural elements and from being damaged during site construction
  • Determine how best to remove trees from a construction area

We bring our arborist service gladly to both professional and private clients. Whether you need to know if the trees around your house are endangering your property or you just need an official report for the council on your company’s expansion, we can help you out. We provide services for jobs both large and small, and we are happy to serve you.

We are able to offer impartial assessments of your property and the trees on it. And we can also provide professional advice on how to solve your tree problems. You may not be permitted to remove some trees because of their protected status. We can offer workarounds and solutions that we have discovered from our years in the industry. We’ve been able to offer assistance to numerous clients with similar problems, and we are ready and able to help you as well.

Just give us a call and we will provide you with fast and friendly customer care right away. Or you are welcome to use the form on this page to get a free quote instantly.