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Jim’s insurance coverage


Insurance Coverage with Jim’s Trees

At Jim’s Trees we care about our clients’ safety and the safety of their property and our own employees. That is why we do everything we can to ensure they are all protected while we perform our professional services.

We make certain that the way we operate keeps our people safe and protects our clients and their possessions.

We constantly update our polices to reflect the most forward thinking safety guidelines and ensure that all of our staff are using the proper safety equipment. We also make certain that they work in a responsible and safe manner.

We ascertain that the suppliers, vendors and all those we work with are legitimate, trusted business people. Our safety equipment is constantly being tested and checked against strict safety guidelines. Our employees have been trained to handle emergency situations and to safeguard their fellow employees.


Our Insurance Guarantee

Your property is valuable to us. Because we understand how much it means to you, we take all necessary measures to safeguard it. But accidents can still occur. That is why we have provided the best insurance coverage in the industry to protect your possessions and take care of any damages that may happen.

Our policy will take care of reparations for any damage we cause. It will help you rest easy about hiring us for the work you need done.

We guarantee the safety of your property with a $10 million insurance coverage policy. This covers every service we provide, and it makes certain that it is our responsibility to pay for damages incurred by us while on your property.

Contact us today to find out about all the great services we offer and the coverage we provide for them. Or you can receive a free quote over the phone.

We know you won’t find a better set of services or more professional and experienced arborists anywhere.