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Jim’s palm tree removal and cleaning services

palm tree removal

Jim’s Palm Tree Removal Services & Stump Removal Tools

Palm trees can be a beautiful addition to any property; and their unique size and shape make them stand out from other types of trees. But this also means they have some unique problems of their own.

Because they grow so tall and can shed their outer layers, they can cause serious damage to your property during severe weather. But don’t try to trim or cut them down on your own. They are not only difficult to climb, but also very tricky to clean off without the proper tools.

Call the Professionals

At Jim’s Trees we’ve been providing cost effective & expert tree services to our customers for years now. We are able to assist you in all forms of tree care. Our professional arborists have all the tools necessary to clean and cut palm trees safely. When your palm trees start to die or when they get in the way of your landscaping plans, then you should call us to remove them for you.

We guarantee all the work we do- that it will be done to your satisfaction and that your property will be kept safe. That’s part of the Jim’s guarantee. We take great care to work safely and efficiently, so that no complications arise. It is so much simpler to call us in to do the job than to attempt it on your own.

As your palm trees age, they shed their outer layers. The old fronds from the tree build up on the skin and can be pulled off by the wind. These fronds are long and heavy, making them difficult to remove, but dangerous to the surrounding property. Yet if you live in a cold weather area, these fronds can be vital to protecting your palms from the weather.

Our professionals can assess your trees to determine if they need to have the fronds pulled off and if they pose any danger to you or your property. Then, if it is necessary, we can provide you a palm tree removal cost & remove them for you and clean off your tree.

We Care for Your Palm Trees

To get the most out of your trees, they need professional care. We can provide expert assessments of the health of your trees and let you know if your trees are a danger to you or to your property.  We can also provide complete tree care for all of your trees. This includes cleaning, trimming, removal, stump grinding and more.

We offer all of our services with our famous guarantee to ensure you are happy with the work we do. Many of the clients we do work for are returning customers. We think you too will be satisfied with our services and our prices.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer or just get some professional advice about your trees, then contact us today. We are always available to respond to your queries. You can also fill out the form on this page for a free quote.