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Jims tree removal service in Geelong


Tree Cutting, Lopping & Stump Removal by Professional Arborists in Geelong

We also offer a comprehensive tree service specifically to the Geelong area. We ensure we cover all bases in regards to travel and are mindful that our customers on the outer suburbs have peace of mind knowing we are available to everyone everywhere.

Our tree removal services in Geelong is backed by our years of experience as well as having our dedicated, friendly and reliable team on hand for any scenario. Give our offices a call and organise a time for us to come and evaluate your property of the scope of your project. Whether it be for your winter firewood or just a landscaping project we are on hand and ready for your call. We also provide stump removal in Geelong so that the old tree can be fully removed without the unsightly and potentially dangerous stump lying around in the backyard or onsite.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide a service as distant as Geelong and the Western surrounding areas because we understand your needs and requirements. We want you to be happy knowing our franchised service will go the extra mile so you don’t have to wonder about the quality of the job you want and if it will be delivered. We do every time, just as the Jim’s name has done for years on end.

Drop us a line or contact us via email to see how we can help you and your tree removal project in Geelong.